Compete in the Node Game and earn 3% Daily APR on MIM

Average 3% Daily APR with no Impermanent Loss

Earn 10% referral bonus in MIM

Compete against other players on the leaderboard

Each player action impacts the game

Who will emerge victorious?

All players are pitted against each other to earn maximum rewards from the Node Game. What will be your strategy? Each player’s actions changes the game. Can you adapt and come out on top?


Most frequent questions and answers

The Frontman will announce the start of the game.

Once begun, players will PERMANENTLY deposit MIM into the contract. On your first deposit, you’ll be given your Node in addition to Node Power.

Your Node will earn you MIM over time based on Node Power, an average of 3% daily of your initial deposit. This heavily depends on the actions of other players.

Many new players means your daily returns could soar to 10 or 20% daily. No new deposits will see it decline.

You can then cash out these rewards, or buy more Node Power to increase your earnings.

The game state is heavily influenced by compounding/cashing out of others, and optimal strategy will change over time.

Please note, Node Power is yours forever. It cannot be exchanged back into MIM or transferred.

Good Luck player.

You can earn MIM in one of two ways:

1. Depositing MIM and playing the Node Game. This is a risk-on strategy that allows you to compete against other players to try and earn much more than your initial investment.


2. Node Game Recruitment – Each player has a referral link they can use to earn 10% of any new player’s MIM deposit.This is a zero risk strategy that can earn you big. You can also combine this with competing in the Node Game to get ahead of other players.

Players will compete with each other by either cashing out their Node earnings, or compounding to earn more.

One special note is that Node Power typically gets more expensive as time goes on, meaning the earlier and longer you compound, the better.

Most players find success by buying a lot of Node Power, and then compounding until they are satisfied with their daily returns (often more than 3% of their investment).

Players then mix compounding with cashing out in order to maximize their actions against other players.

There are many other strategies, you’ll need to adapt quickly to the ever changing game state.

Good Luck.

The contract has been peer reviewed, but has no official audit.

One unique feature of the Node Game contract is that there are no owner privileged functions. The contract has no owner.

Anything the Frontman can do, so can you.

The Frontman takes a 5% cut from transactions to pay the Node Game team and marketing expenses.

There is an additional 5% fee to be used for a future purpose, or injected back into the game to create a more dynamic game state.

The Frontman is not opposed to a democratic vote on the best use of these funds.